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Meet Human Country Jukebox

Human Country Jukebox, created by singer-songwriter, guitar-picker Jack Gregori, has its roots in rabble-rousing outlaw country bands from the good old days in the deep South.  HCJ claims no hometown – “No town can hold me,” Jack insists with a slight wink – but you’ll swear this band comes straight outta North Texas.

Band Members

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Jack Gregori

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Daniel ``Saw-Dust Charlie`` Jaskot

Guitar, Pedal Steel, Mandolin

Max Rabin

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Claude Arthur


Todd Miller

A Little Background

Front man Jack Gregori grew up singing and playing whatever musical instruments were around him.  “I got hooked when I was a kid in the 80’s and watched The Blues Brothers movie. That opened it up for me and I haven’t stopped since.”  Eventually, Jack started performing at open mic nights.  By 2010, he had picked up some local musicians, beginning the evolution into the Human Country Jukebox band. Since then, the band has performed well over a hundred times, mainly in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.


The name Human Country Jukebox actually refers to Jack himself.  He’s memorized more than 200 country-western hits. Shout out the name of any song at one of their shows, and you’ll discover that HCJ can wing anything.


Taking requests and interacting with the audience is a signature of every HCJ performance. Audiences can expect a different show every time, filled with creative improvisations and reinterpretations of classic country tunes. Just don’t yell out “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Human Country Jukebox